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Quality and Service

"Aside from the high quailty of brackets and instruments MidAtlantic has to offer, what sets them apart from others in our industry and what I have grown to appreciate is their approach to customer service and satisfaction. Their Transparency on pricing is refreshing! If I ever had a question, concern or simply did not like something after trying it, they switched it out without hesitation and offered me another solution that was promptly sent to my office in one or two business days. I can't remember the last time I had such an experience with an orthodonic company!"

-Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis

Princeton, NJ


"The new MidAtlantic Ortho ordering platform is simple and clean to use. Once you’ve placed an order, the invoice is clean and easy to read. You can see exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying for. It has helped our ordering and efficiency immensely. I highly recommend working with MAO and am grateful for the innovative steps they are taking."

-Dr. Justin Hannon

Gastonia, NC

Essential for multi-location

“I can’t tell you how essential ordering and inventory control are to me. I run a busy practice with multiple locations. When I place an order, it has to be the right stuff, it has to be the right price, it has to be in stock – when I order and how many I order is important. When something goes wrong, it makes a lot of extra work for me and my team. The ripple effect can last for months and throw off our numbers at the end of the year. I need to know my annual practice statistics. With the MAO website, I will know exactly what I ordered, and exactly what I spent on, every product as it relates to my practice overhead.”

-Dr. Steven Guelff

Sebring, FL

Will save practices a lot of time

"First off, there’s no minimum order. I can order as much, or as little, as I need. I like being able to place orders when it’s convenient for me. I like how easy it is to use. Plus, having all your past orders right there makes it easy to predict what you’re going to need. It’s going to save practices a lot of time."

-Dr. Donald Demas

Watertown, CT