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Nickel Titanium

  • Niti Classic
    MidAtlantic’s NiTi Classic is our basic line of Nickel Titanium archwire. It boasts all of the same characteristics of NiTi Select, for a fraction of the price.
  • FiT .20 Extra Broad Archwire
    Fit .20 Extra Broad Arch Wires Are 30% Broader Than The Broadest Arch On The Market.
  • FiT .20 Rounded Rectangular 19x25
    Rounded Rectangular Arch Wire Makes Insertion, Clip Closure, and Seating Smoother Than Ever.
  • Niti Reverse Curve
    <p> </p> <p>MidAtlantic’s Nickel Titanium Reverse Curve Archwire is optimal for bite opening and closing, leveling and aligning and deep and open bite correction.</p>
  • Niti Select Dimple
    MidAtlantic’s Nickel Titanium Dimple Archwire has a vertical protrusion placed at the centerline of the wire, which helps prevent the archwire from sliding through the bracket or out of the buccal tube. Also eliminates cinching behind the buccal tubes.
  • Niti Thermal
    NiTi Ultra Thermal Plus has consistent performance and moderate forces.  It is an easy wire to work with, plus the optimal forces deliver great results. Comparable to thermal qualities of a copper nickel titanium wire. Full (NSFU) and Damon (NSDU) Arch Forms.