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Fit .20 System

Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris
With a .020x.026 Slot, A New Vision of Passive Self-Ligation Efficiency Is Realized

MidAtlantic Orthodontics is proud to support Dr. “Tito” Norris in the development of the FiT.20 System.

If you love passive systems for the leveling and aligning phase of treatment, but wish they offered better control for finishing, you need to get FiT.20, the new passive self-ligating system from MidAtlantic Ortho. By slightly reducing the width and depth of the slot, FiT.20 all but eliminates bracket ‘slop’, delivering an unmatched combination of free-sliding performance and fine-tuned precision. This degree of control can end the need for multiple prescriptions, auxiliaries, repositioning and bracket swapping at the end of treatment. For full control without compromise, get FiT.20 from MidAtlantic Ortho, and exercise control of every case.

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No. However our Fit open tool (click here to link) makes opening a cinch. Simply place the flat end of the tool into the opening, (located at the top of the door between the tie-wings) and turn counterclockwise. Doors open to the occlusal.
A small scaler can be used as well.

Fit.20 brackets are sold in kits of U/L 5-5 or U/L 6-6. Fit.20 brackets are also sold individually in packs of 10