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Why is this more than online ordering.
MidAtlantic Ortho makes a priority out of you. Available whenever, wherever and however you want to do business, puts you in complete command. This includes putting your favorite products at your fingertips, at prices not normally available to individual practices. Unlike an online supplier, MAO then helps you track your inventory, store products as needed and even anticipate future needs. Plus, when you are ready to restock, the intuitive MAO Oncommand Dashboard automatically prioritizes the products that make sense for you and your practice.
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“I can’t tell you how essential ordering and inventory control are to me. I run a busy practice with multiple locations. When I place an order, it has to be the right stuff, it has to be the right price, it has to be in stock – when I order and how many I order is important. When something goes wrong, it makes a lot of extra work for me and my team. The ripple effect can last for months and throw off our numbers at the end of the year. I need to know my annual practice statistics. With the MAO website, I will know exactly what I ordered, and exactly what I spent on every product as it relates to my practice overhead.”

- Dr. Steven Guelff